• Drafting/preparation of a Complaint for :
    • Child Support
    • Spousal Support 
    •  APL (alimony pendente lite)
  • Calculate support obligations
  • Represent clients at support conference/hearing
  • Negotiate and/or litigate Alimony


  • Negotiate and Assist clients with issues  during separation

  • ​Protection From Abuse Actions

  • Drafting and preparation of a Complaints in Divorce

  • Drafting, preparation and presentation of Motions and Petitions to the Judge seeking interim relief of issues

  • Drafting of discovery requests and responses thereto

  • Drafting of Marital Settlement Agreements

  • Negotiation and /or litigation of Equitable Distribution of Property

  • Represent Clients at  Equitable Distribution Conciliations

  • Drafting/preparation of documents needed to obtain a final decree of divorce.

  • Drafting/preparation of PreNuptial and AnteNuptial Agreements

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Estate Documents

PARENT COORDINATOR* :  After a final custody order has been entered,  I can be assigned by the Judge to act as the parenting coordinator* and assist parties with the resolution of custody issues which arise after a final order has been entered; The coordinator works with both parents to facilitate and negotiate an agreement and, if unable to reach an agreement, a parent coordinator may recommend a resolution to the court.

  • Parenting coordination can be used to assist parties in resolving their own issues in place of the costly process of having an attorney prepare and present a Petition for Special Relief to the Judge on the issues which need addressed.  If parties can't resolve the issue, then the parent coordinator, after speaking with both parents to understand their points of view and concerns regarding a specific issue. Issues can include but are not limited to whether a child should participate in a specific sport or attend a summer camp,  whether a specific babysitter should be used;  any issue which is important to a parent that a Judge may not be a  ties can make a recommendation to the Judge as to how the issue should be resolved.  The parties are responsible for payment of the parent coordinator's services.

​* I am certified to act as a Parent Coordinator and have met the statutory requirements including: licensure to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; the practicing of family law for at least five years; and the completion of twenty-one (21) hours of training in the areas of parenting coordination, family mediation training, and domestic violence.​  Parent Coordinators are assigned by the Judge; if a parent coordinator is agreed upon by the parties, the parties can request a specific parent coordinator.  My  services as a parent coordinator are paid for by the parties, and my billing rate is $175.00 per hour. 



Family Law Legal Representation Areas:

  • Drafting/preparation of Estate / End of Life Documents:
    • Last Will and Testament
    • Powers of Attorney
    • Medical Powers of Attorney
    • Living Will
  • Drafting/preparation of a Complaint for Custody
  • Drafting/preparation of a Petition to Modify Custody
  • Drafting/preparation of Petition for Contempt of a Custody order
  • Negotiate/drafting of custody orders
  • Consult with clients re: Psychological Evaluations
  • Parent Coordination*
  • Represent clients at:
    • Contempt of Custody Hearings
    • Partial Custody Hearings
    • Custody trials


  • Shelter Hearings
  • Adjudications
  • Permanency Reviews
  • Termination of Parental Rights      
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