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Professional Background

                                                                                                            I am licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and  both my  B.A.  and Juris Doctorate from the                                                                                                                        University of Pittsburgh, a tier one law school.  Before law school I  earned a Paralegal Certificate from Duquesne                                                                                                                                University and for more than eight years, including the three (3) while attending law school,  I was employed 

                                                                                                       full-time as a paralegal for the best boutique family law firms in Pittsburgh.  I've also worked as a Legal Recruiter for Hudson                                                                                                         Global Resources and the thread that ties recruiting and family law together is my love of helping people in difficult situations.  The ability to utilize skills learned while employed as a paralegal  (i.e. ability to rapidly assess/react to emotionally charged family situations) was key to my later recruiting successes in finding the right candidate for the position.  Returning to the practice of family law  was/is my dream (no-seriously!) as I went to law school so I could become a family law attorney, and starting my own practice is the best decision I could have made. Representing clients and building  a solid, working, relationship with them, and having them know that I am on their side has been key to my practices' success.  I've found that my ability to be open and sometimes brutally honest with my clients often provides them with a sense of security in working through their most private issues. 

    I am a member of the Allegheny County Bar Association, on Counsel for the Family Law Section, and the Matrimonial Inns of Court;  I've been cited as one of Pittsburgh's "50 Finest" and recognized as one of Pittsburgh's "Finest" profiled attorneys.  I participate in local charitable events including the MS 150 and Regent Squares' "Run Around the Square."  Additionally, for almost five (5) years  I  worked  for Allegheny County representing indigent parents in dependency court against the Office of Children, Youth, and Families (OCYF).  

My ​​​Practice Philosophy

     I've  been involved in the Pittsburgh Legal Community for than 20 years,as an Attorney, Paralegal, and Legal Recruiter.  I've found that my clients appreciate the time and effort that I put into  every aspect of their case.  I'm here to guide my clients  through the difficult landscape entered when  life takes you by surprise and you have questions  about  Child Support, Custody, Divorce and Dependency Court. 

     Even in the most contentious divorce/custody situations I've assisted my clients deal with  the tough times with a plan of action, solid advice, humor, and blunt, tough talk when needed.   Most clients appreciate my direct/informal style, and my commitment to resolving cases through negotiation whenever possible.  I pride myself on building trust with all of my clients through open communication and accessibility, and I am dedicated to keeping my clients informed about the status of their case, from start to finish.   Often I like to "think outside the box"  when an issue is time-sensitive, the process breaks down , and/or the judicial system isn't working, and I've proven that I possess the judgment and diplomacy necessary to secure excellent results on my clients' behalf.  It's not my practice to waste your money drafting overly broad, unnecessary pleadings, or running straight to Motions Court with every issue.  I assess your situation quickly and go straight to the issues rather than waste time taking preparing for a hearing or other event that might never happen. Often I'm able to use my unique skills to resolve issues quickly or through the  use of creative negotiations and crafting of intricate settlements.  I do my best to provide clients with “good” or at least "uncontentious" resolutions, rather than destructive or adversarial ones.  Issues of divorce, custody, and  dependency  take a toll on an individual, and I'll always attempt to find fair and efficient resolutions to your case when possible.  I am  dedicated to ensuring that I thoughtfully represent all of my clients, and,that your legal needs are not just met, but exceeded. 

       Throughout my representation,  my clients are provided with  personal, responsive and diligent service.  My goal is to provide peace of mind by focusing on the client and their needs, and my practice allows me to do that through almost daily interaction with the judiciary and other highly respected family law attorneys in Pittsburgh.  This insight into the local  legal community provides me a unique opportunity to offer the best representation possible in  divorce/custody cases.

Who my clients are:

  • People who need  advice before separating
  • Think divorce is complicated /too expensive
  • Are amicable with their spouse and want a written agreement
  • Have to litigate custody /divorce/support  issues and need to  pay fees over time
  • Need an attorney who will advise in simple language -without "legalese"
  • Cannot afford a large/lump sum  retainer
  • Know that you don't have to spend  top dollar to get a  great attorney 
  • Parents involved in Dependency Court and/or the Office of Children, Youth and Families

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